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Custom Kid's Ropes, Striped Color (Set of 10)

Custom Kid's Ropes, Striped Color (Set of 10)
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Product Description

Pick your colors! This is for a set of 10, custom striped color, 1/4" x 25' kid's ropes (like our Gator nylon kid ropes). See our other listing for blended colors.

Choose up to 3 colors of stripes - if you don't want 3, choose white for the rest of the colors as a filler because it has to have 3 choices to be created. You can also choose multiple of the same color. For example if you want a striped pink rope, choose color 1 as pink and color 2 and 3 as white.

Please note that some colors are more powerful than others, and some will bleed out in the wax. Purple and medium blue are the colors that tend to fade out more quickly while pink and lime green are very strong.

Please call us if you have any questions about this as we do not accept returns (or give refunds) on custom sets. Also, we do not build sample test ropes.

Minimum order of 10 pieces on this (no additional fee, these are the same price as our standard Gator Kid's Ropes). We will not create protected private label colors (we will let you know if you pick one), and we are also not offering protection on any color blend. There just aren't enough colors in the rainbow for everyone to have their own - but get creative and get your order in to us for your next event.

**For example, as pictured, the black and white has one black stripe and two white stripes. The pink has 1 pink stripe and 2 stripes.**