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Tuff Boot

Tuff Boot
Item# 42003

Product Description

Our No-Turn Tuff Boots provide maximum protection against heel and coronet band injuries in addition to providing from interference.

•Made from durable PVC vinyl covered with kevlar to resist wear and tear.

•Tapered shape absorbs and deflects impact and shock.

•Tough double-locking hook and loop closure ensures a secure fit.

•Interior No-Turn blub ensures proper positioning during aggressive maneuvers.


Medium - Measures 4 1/4" tall, fits approx. shoe size 000 to 00, 12-14 hands, 800#-950#.

Large - Measures 4 1/2" tall, fits approx. shoe size 0 to 1, 14.2-15 hands, 1000#-1150#.

Extra Large - Measures 4 3/4" tall, fits approx. shoe size 2 and up, 15.2 hands and up, 1200# and up.